Sunday, May 22, 2011

Former Yankees: Chan Ho Park

 Well after and during the 2010 season we lost some Yankees through a variety of means and we would check up on these individuals starting with the ones who will likely make no contribution to any MLB team this year. This is going to be a series that I do over the the next few weeks so enjoy. The first former Yankee that I will be examining is Chan Ho Park, otherwise known as CHOP, Chan Ho out of the Park, delicate Asian pitcher and Diarrhea guy (video).

Chan Ho Park has actually had a pretty remarkable year, he is one of only 5 pitchers to start a game against every MLB team, is a former all-star with the Dodgers and has the most wins of any Asian born pitcher with 124 wins. Park was once considered a very good starting pitcher and after a successful 8 year career with the Dodgers he signed a 5 year $65 million deal with the Rangers where he was awful and was traded to the Padres where he was still awful. He was again awful with the Mets in 2007 and only played in one game, however he did well in 2008 with the Dodgers and after losing the 5th starter job to J.A. Happ he moved to the bullpen where he performed well with a 2.52 ERA and did not allow a run to the Yankees in the World series over 3.1 innings. The Yankees signed Park for $1.2 million in the off-season after turning down a $3 million deal from the Phillies. Many Yankees fans were skeptical of Park and it did not take long for that Skepticism to take root. CHOP lost the first game of the year to the Red Sox when he gave up a 2-run HR to Ortiz in the 7th. After the game was the infamous diarrhea interview and three days later CHOP pitched 3 great innings and won the game, however this would be one of his few good outings and he quickly worked his way into the last guy in the bullpen/Mop up role. He was eventually DFA and picked up by the Pirates, where he did pitch better, but still served a similar role as he had with the Yankees.
Park failed to earn a contract from an MLB team and signed with the Orix Buffaloes in Japan where he posted a 1-4 record with a 4.13 ERA  as a starter before being sent to the 2nd division which is the equivalent of the Minors in Japan, read more here. At 37 there is no real chance of Park coming back to the MLB and its doubtful that he will play in the NBL, however he is still revered in Korea, as he was the first Korean to play in the MLB and could sign with a team there or simply retire. There is not much else to say about Park, hopefully he doesn't have any more Diarrhea

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